cURL command list:

1. curl | GET request with `cURL`

2. curl -v | Verbose GET request with `cURL`

3. curl -vvv | `cURL` Basic Auth login

4. curl -u admin:password -vvv | Alternate `cURL` Basic Auth login

5. curl -u admin:password -L | `cURL` Basic Auth login, follow redirection

6. curl -u admin:password ‘' | `cURL` GET request with parameter

7. curl -d ‘username=admin&password=password’ -L | POST request with `cURL`

8. curl -d ‘username=admin&password=password’ -L -v | Debugging with `cURL`

9. curl -d ‘username=admin&password=password’ -L — cookie-jar /dev/null -v | Cookie usage with `cURL` |

10. curl -d ‘username=admin&password=password’ -L — cookie-jar cookies.txt | `cURL` with cookie file

11. curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{ “username” : “admin”, “password” : “password” }’ | `cURL` specify content type

12. curl -X OPTIONS -vv | `cURL` OPTIONS request

13. curl -X PUT -d @test.txt -vv | File upload with `cURL`

14. curl -X DELETE -vv | DELETE method with `cURL` |

Penetration Tester@⠎⠓⠁⠗⠍⠊⠞⠁⠝⠍⠁⠽

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Tanmay Bhattacharjee

Tanmay Bhattacharjee

Penetration Tester@⠎⠓⠁⠗⠍⠊⠞⠁⠝⠍⠁⠽

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